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"What Will You Do If You Are Left Behind" delivers a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ for those left behind during the Great Tribulation.  This video brings us to reflect upon our own walk as a Believer, and where we stand in our personal relationship with God.  ARE WE READY!

Pastor Darryl Hartwig (Timmins Community Church) - January 13th, 2020

"I am so excited about this Carmen and love what God is doing!  I believe the Holy Spirit is at work and shifting us into high gear!!!  God's timing is always perfect. What is happening in Iran right now and it's connection to Revelation 18 means...people need to be made aware/prepared for the end times.  May the Lord bless this video and the powerful message it portrays!!!"

Reverend Sylvie and Ronald Wesley

"Powerful message and pray souls will be added to the Kingdom of God.  Amen."


God lay on CC's heart to produce a video for "What Will You Do If You Are Left Behind" in November 2017. "We started working on the first video shoot in August 2019 and did the last footage at the end of October 2019. It took almost two years for God to bring the right people for this project. We had ten people who freely volunteered their time. It was wonderful to work with people who had the same Kingdom mindset. Some of the people in this video had minimal acting experience, yet had the ability to convey tremendous emotions in scenes that were pretty intense. Gerianne Szpara, who volunteered to shoot some of the scenes had very little videography skills, yet captured some amazing moments. Through this project, many people realized that they had some hidden talents. God is amazing!

2019-10-19 17.10.53.jpg

The Cast

Special thanks to all who volunteered to make this project a reality!

From top left:  Nikki Krakana , Gerianne Szpara , CC Harvey, Janice DiBattista. 
From bottom left:  Irene Lucyshyn, Bill Krakana.
Not in the picture:  Sylvie Beaulieu, Pastor Daryl Hartwig, Linda Rochon


Before the Rapture
Gerianne on set filming
Fleeing Scene
Left Behind
Bill in bush crying
A Message from God
Linda Rochon getting into character
Bill fleeing to warn the others
Comfort found amongst those left behind
Secretly reading the Bible

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