A Message in Music

"Music has the ability through the Holy Spirit to uplift a burdened heart, to stir the hearts of man and bring them to their knees in worship of a King. Music is a powerful instrument used by God to speak to people's hearts. I pray that you are blessed as you listen to the music on this site. May God heal and restore each of you in the name of His precious Son Jesus."

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Instrumental Videos

Short Christian Film

Short Christian Film- Silent Film - On and On - CC Harvey
Short Christian Film - Silent Film - I Want to See - CC Harvey
Short Christian Film - Silent Film - Emotions - CC Harvey
Christian Short Film - Silent Film - Big City Sidewalks - CC Harvey

Heart Poured Out

Short Inspirational videos to stir the heart!

Every Cell
In The Silence of the Day
Spoken Words
The Intricacy of a Human Life
In the Midst of Despair
Let me Find Myself In You
The Birds of the Air
Through Different Lenses