CC Harvey's Music

Christian Singer and Songwriter

"CC's love for the presence of the Holy Spirit is evident in her music. Gifted with a unique voice, CC's music has touched many lives and has brought people to experience the wondrous presence of the Lord."

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"J'ai écouté ton album ce soir!  Wow!  As I was praying and lifting people in prayer during some songs, I really felt God's presence.  So amazing to have access to His presence!  I had not felt that in a long time.  Thought I would share this."

-Micheline W.-

"Can't get enough of your music and videos.  They are amazing and so are you!  I feel the Holy Spirit move me every time I listen to your words to the songs.  I thank you so much."

-Angela L.-

"Loving your music.  It is good for my soul!"