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CC Harvey's Music

Bilingual Christian Singer and Songwriter


"Comme l'Oxygène"   

This video is about our need as Believers to be in constant communion with God, just like the air that we breathe. To pierce through the darkness to be in His light.

"Comme l'Oxygène" parle de notre besoin en tant que croyants d’être en communion constante avec Dieu. De percer à travers les ténèbres pour être dans Sa lumière.

 "Et C'est Ça la Vie"
This song is about the passing of time and the reflection of one's life. It has a profound and truthful message of a need to draw closer to God.

Cette chanson parle du temps qui passe et du reflet de sa vie. Il contient un message profond et vrai sur la nécessité de se rapprocher de Dieu.


"J'ai écouté ton album ce soir!  Wow!  As I was praying and lifting people in prayer during some songs, I really felt God's presence.  So amazing to have access to His presence!  I had not felt that in a long time.  Thought I would share this."

-Micheline W.-

"Can't get enough of your music and videos.  They are amazing and so are you! I feel the Holy Spirit move me every time I listen to your words to the songs. I thank you so much."

-Angela L.-

"Loving your music. It is good for my soul!"


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