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Upcoming Projects


Photo of Bill, one of the main actors in the video.

Promotion of end-time music video

"What Will You Do If You Are Left Behind" delivers a message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ for those left behind during the Great Tribulation. This video brings us to reflect upon our own walk as a Believer, and where we stand in our personal relationship with God. Are we ready?

Over 15,000 people have viewed this video since its release in January 2020. Our goal is to reach 50,000 people with this powerful message. Please consider donating to help us reach more souls for Jesus.

Christian End Time Ministry

Finding peace and joy as one heals from past wounds.  Learning to trust God and walk victoriously in His anointing power.

Hearing God's Voice and Experiencing His Glory

Speaking 8_edited.jpg


Coming Soon!
Heart Poured out 

Short Podcasts to share God's Word, prophetic messages, visions and dreams. A platform to uplift Believers by sharing testimonies of God's wondrous love and grace.

Photo for "Heart Poured Out" podcast.
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