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Should I feel condemned for not sharing my faith?

Over the years I have often heard people in position of leadership say to their congregants:

“You have been fed enough of the Word, it’s time for you to go out there and talk to others in your circle about Jesus.”

These words however true, often make many feel uncomfortable. Why? Because many Believers lack the confidence in themselves and are afraid. This can create a feeling within them that they are not good enough because they’re unable to fulfill what is being asked of them. Therefore, some Believers may not return to church because of the burden put upon them.

Let me share my thoughts on the matter. It is very important to know as Believers that we are not saved by any works that we do. God sees our hearts and wants that fellowship with each of us. It says in the Word of God that we should work out our own salvation. We need to take care of our spiritual life, become stronger in our faith, so that God can work through us, transform us to be Jesus to the world.

“Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to work, for his good pleasure.—Philippians 2:12-13."

We are all God’s light in this world, sealed by the Holy Spirit when we accepted Christ as our Saviour. It is the power of the Holy Spirit in you and your yieldedness to God that transforms you daily to become the embodiment of Jesus to the world. As you grow in your faith and draw closer to the heart of God, you start manifesting the fruits of the Spirit of God to the world (Galatians 5: 23-23).

Why are so many Believers unable to share about Jesus?

Because they need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, set afire for the King. Teachers and leaders can speak to their congregants about leading people to Jesus till they’re blue in the face, but if the people they are speaking to are not willing to yield and be led by the Holy Spirit, it will be difficult for them. A famous evangelist by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman once said: “God is not looking for golden vessels. He is not looking for silver vessels. He is looking for yielded vessels.” What wonderful, glorious things can happen when one dies to self and follows the will of God.

If words spoken by a leader regarding sharing about Jesus makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay. You’re probably not the only one feeling that way but know this; God does not condemn; He loves you and He knows all about you. Yes, He can reprimand you because He loves you and He wants to keep you on the right path. He knows all your worries and fears. HE KNOWS YOUR HEART.

If you are called to preach the Gospel, He will prepare and empower you through the Holy Spirit. God will never put you down, He will teach you, uplift and encourage you. He will prepare you for your calling (service) in the Body of Christ (His Church), and the body of Christ is all Christians in the world. If you don’t have enough strength, He will sustain you. He will empower you through the Holy Spirit to share your testimony with others, to talk about Jesus. He will counsel you, guide you and direct your path. The disciples were all empowered for service through the Holy Spirit as we read in Acts 1:8 (NIV) “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Peter who cowardly denied Jesus three times, stepped forward and led three thousand people to Christ after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Spirit of God gave him the strength and the courage to boldly share the message of Salvation found in Jesus.

The disciples had been with Jesus for three years. They learned much from the Master. They were a witness to all that Jesus did and listened to all His teachings. In Mark 6: 7-13, Jesus called the disciples to him and gave them their mission. He gave them the authority and power to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. Please note that Jesus gave them POWER, and that power was the Holy Spirit.

It is so important to share the gospel when you are empowered by the Holy Spirit and not because someone told you that you had to do it. It is not through religious obligation that you share about Jesus and the gift of salvation, but through the power of the Spirit of God within you. The Holy Spirit will stir your heart, prompt you to go and share. When led by the Spirit of God, you will have peace, you will feel empowered, and the words will just flow out of you. So many Believers do not wait for the Holy Spirit, and in so doing approach people whose hearts are not prepared to hear and receive the Word. No wonder many Believers find it difficult to lead someone to Christ. It is not through human effort that someone comes to Salvation, it is by the power of the Holy Spirit. You are only the vessel in which He works through. It is through the Holy Spirit that one comes to know Jesus and receive the gift of Salvation. It is the Holy Spirit that stirs the heart of every sinner, to lead them unto Salvation, however God has given man free will, to decide to accept or reject His Son. Every human being on earth has free will to decide where they will be for eternity. No one will be without excuse when they die and stand before Him. But it says in the Word of God in John 6:37 (NIV) “All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

It is so important to be in tune with the Holy Spirit. Submit yourself unto the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to be a light to those around you, and He will. Draw closer to God through His Word, by talking to Him and worshipping Him.

We are all called as Believers to serve God, but each one of us have a specific calling within the Body of Christ. What is a calling? It is where God wants you to be, to function in His Church (individually and collectively). Where you exercise what you are meant to do to uplift and encourage the Body of Christ (all Believers everywhere), to be a light in the world so that the light of Christ in you brings Glory to God. It is using the gifts that He has given you to uplift those around you where you are in your life. It can be your brothers and sisters in Christ or the people in your workplace, and in your neighborhood. Your calling might be to encourage those around you, to be a good listener, to serve, to help those in need, to be the best manager, clerk, daycare worker, driver, etc.

The light of Christ in you emanates to those around you. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything, they are uplifted by your presence and often they start pouring their hearts to you. Many times, people will draw away from you, become upset and not treat you well for no reason at all. Why? Because the presence of God in you irritates whatever is in them. What do you do? Pray for them. You know that you will have troubles in this world, but don’t forget that God is always with you. He will sustain you.

Remember, God knew you before you were born. He called you and you are so special to Him. Stop feeling guilty for not doing enough. You are His light shining bright, and He has great plans for you! God has not yet perfected us. He is not yet finished with us. We all are God’s work in progress. Read what Paul wrote to the Philippians: “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil:1:6, NRSV)

God bless you all! -CCH-

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