A Journey with the Holy Spirit


Book by CC Harvey "Always Never Alone." Now available on Amazon.

CC Harvey
Christian Author/Speaker

Carmen's first encounter with God was through a dream when she was ten years old. As a teenager, a guitar given by her father would be a seed planted by God. Music and her faith would help her overcome the loss of a brother by suicide, the trauma of a childhood assault and the pain from a chronic illness. In her late twenties, Carmen would begin to hear the soft whispering voice of the Holy Spirit but would question herself time and time again. Then, in 2005, after a ten-year battle with fibromyalgia, she would be miraculously healed as the tangible presence of God came upon her. Eleven years later, a three-hour encounter with God would forever change her! She would learn to know His voice and, through that intimate fellowship, experience God's glory!

Always Never Alone will help you:

Recognize when God, the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.

Understand the importance of cultivating and developing a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Learn how to overcome the storms that come your way.

Live a more empowered, victorious life in Christ.

Understand the very power of God within you.

Understand the purpose of the infilling power of the Holy Spirit

Know who you are in Christ.

Know when God is calling you for service.

Do you know God’s voice?  Are you tuned in to His channel? Are you missing that inner peace and joy in your life? Do you have difficulties overcoming the storms that come your way?  Do you desire to get closer to God but find yourself always distracted?  Do you feel God tugging at your heart?


I Loved this book

"I loved this book. Carmen's story resonated with me. Her journey, with the Holy Spirit, is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You showed us, how Gods love for us looks in this modern world, and how The Holy Spirit, teaches, encourages, and protects...touching our lives and enveloping us in his grace...this book really touched my heart..."

Sandra Turcotte Weaver

Inspirational Journey

"This was a hard book to put down. It's easy to follow and well written. This book talks about finding strength while trusting in our journey of life. Its filled with unexpected and devastating losses, judgements of spiritual leaders and peers as well as facing difficult everyday choices.
We learn about Carmen's growth in faith as she walks alongside our creator.
Remember, we are never alone even in our darkest times.
Thank you for sharing your story."

Reviewed in Canada on

July 27, 2022


          Amazing Grace

"The author bears her soul with stories throughout her lifetime of when the Holy Spirit came to her in ways that sometimes moved her life forward while at other times put her on a dead stop. Real-life stories in her childhood and adult life where she perceived the presence of the Holy Spirit at a very specific moment. She also weaves songs she has written based on moments in her life throughout the book. In her final chapters, she shares her experiences with the healing powers of the Holy Spirit which she received for herself and others. An amazing story of what responding in faith can do in one’s life!"

Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2022


This book is a must have

"This book gives you hope and will teach you how to cultivate a relationship with Christ and guide you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. As the author CC Harvey shows us that our past does not have to influence our future."

Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2022.

-Robert E.Keena-

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